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Cover: STARGATE SG-1 & ATLANTIS: Far Horizons


By Sally Malcolm (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-905586-67-7
Series no: SGX-01
Pages: 326
Price: $10.95

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Step through the gate...

From the early days of “Todd” the Wraith to Teal’c’s first experience of the SGC, from Atlantis’ past and future to good old-fashioned SG-1 adventures, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: Far Horizons brings you a wealth of exciting stories from across the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.

Whether you’re a fan of STARGATE SG-1 or STARGATE ATLANTIS, there’s something for everyone in our first anthology of Travelers’ Tales, with ten short stories from ten fantastic Stargate authors:

  • Jo Graham
  • Melissa Scott
  • Peter J. Evans
  • Amy Griswold
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • Suzanne Wood
  • Diana Dru Botsford
  • Geonn Cannon
  • Sabine C. Bauer
  • Sally Malcolm

So step through the Stargate with us and see what’s waiting beyond the event horizon…

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