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What to read?

If you are new to Stargate Novels and wondering where to start, let us suggest some books that you might enjoy.

If you are a fan of STARGATE SG-1, you might like the Apocalypse trilogy, beginning with STARGATE SG-1: Hostile Ground. Another popular book is STARGATE SG-1: Roswell, or STARGATE SG-1: The Barque of Heaven and STARGATE SG-1: Hall of the Two Truths. You can browse many more SG-1 novels in the Bookshop.

When you are looking for something from the Pegasus Galaxy, you can browse the extensive range of STARGATE ATLANTIS books, but if you are looking for a recommendation, we might suggest the very popular Legacy series, beginning with book one, STARGATE ATLANTIS: Homecoming. Or you might enjoy STARGATE ATLANTIS: Reliquary, STARGATE ATLANTIS: Casualties of War or STARGATE ATLANTIS: Death Game.

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Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Infiltration

STARGATE SG-1: Infiltration (SG1‑32)

by Susannah Parker Sinard

Captured by the Goa’uld Lugh, Carter faces a hard choice: help repair a cloaking device that would give Lugh a dangerous advantage or allow SG-1 to be handed over to the System Lords.

But all is not as it seems among the Goa’uld under Lugh’s command, and SG-1 soon find themselves recruited by underground operatives possessing a rare gift that allows them to infiltrate Lugh’s inner circle. However, it is a gift that comes at a terrible price — a price that may yet cost SG-1 their lives.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Female of the Species

STARGATE SG-1: Female of the Species (SG1‑31)

by Geonn Cannon

Vala Mal Doran, SG-1’s newest recruit, simply can’t ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend, Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs, Vala ensures SG-1 can’t ignore it either…

However, as the mission quickly unravels, Colonel Carter and Vala find themselves bound for the ‘inescapable’ prison world Viaxeiro Caldera, leaving Colonel Mitchell, Teal’c, and Dr Daniel Jackson to mount a rescue.

Cover: STARGATE ATLANTIS: Pride of the Genii

STARGATE ATLANTIS: Pride of the Genii (SGA‑24)

by Melissa Scott

As guests of Chief Ladon Radim, Colonel Sheppard’s team witness the launch of the Genii’s first starship — Pride of the Genii.

Radim needs the Pride’s first mission to be a success if he’s going to control the hard-line opponents of his treaty with Atlantis. So when the ship disappears, he turns to Atlantis for urgent help. With the Pride out of contact, Sheppard’s team must track her across the Pegasus galaxy, piecing together the events of her ill-fated maiden voyage.

Cover: STARGATE ATLANTIS: From the Depths

STARGATE ATLANTIS: From the Depths (SGX‑08)

by Amy Griswold

When the aquatic life on Atlantis’s adopted homeworld begins to threaten the city, Colonel Sheppard’s team discovers that the creatures are both intelligent and able to communicate.

Another victim of the Ancient scientist, Janus, the squid-like creatures reveal how they were abducted from their own world millennia ago—and demand Atlantis's help to return home. Eager to assist, Sheppard and his team travel to the creature’s homeworld only to find its indigenous population hostile to the return of their kinsmen. And, to make matters worse, they discover a Genii salvage operation in the ocean that’s not only threatening the creature’s habitat but their very survival.

Facing hostility above and below the water, Weir and Sheppard must negotiate a homecoming for their new friends and peace with the Genii before frayed tempers result in a bloody conflict that could destroy them all…

This 104-page novella is a classic team adventure.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Behind Enemy Lines

STARGATE SG-1: Behind Enemy Lines (SGX‑07)

by Sally Malcolm

Oh, brother! Jack's young clone is back and making more trouble for his older self in the latest STARGATE SG-1 novella from Sally Malcolm.

STARGATE SG-1: Behind Enemy Lines picks up on the story of clone Jack, from the episode 'Fragile Balance' (Ep 7.03). Sally wrote a short story for our first anthology of short stories, STARGATE SG-1 ATLANTIS: Far Horizons, which featured the younger Jack, and it proved so popular she decided to extend it into this novella.

STARGATE: Behind Enemy Lines is approximately 40,000 words in length including the original short story that kicked it all off, 'Off Balance'.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1 ATLANTIS: Homeworlds


by Sally Malcolm (editor)

The third edition of our short story collections, Travelers' Tales, is out now. In this edition, journey with Teyla Emmagan to the ruined city of her ancestors or travel with Sam Carter as she returns Selmak’s remains to the Tok’ra. Join John Sheppard as he guides the Atlantis team through the streets of New York City, or follow SG-1’s gate-hopping pursuit of an escaped mass-murderer...

STARGATE: Homeworlds is packed with action, adventure and humor in ten short stories penned by ten fantastic authors.

• Melissa Scott • Jo Graham • Keith R.A. DeCandido • Susannah Parker Sinard • Aaron Rosenberg • Amy Griswold • Suzanne Wood • Geonn Cannon • Barbara Ellisor • Ron Francis

Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Insurrection (Book 3 in the Apocalypse series)

STARGATE SG-1: Insurrection (Book 3 in the Apocalypse series) (SG1‑30)

by Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper

SG-1 faces a terrible choice. With the lines between friends and enemies blurring, the team must choose where their loyalties lie—and how much they’re willing to risk to save their world.

While Dr Daniel Jackson and Teal’c return to the refugee colony on Arbella, in search of allies in the coming battle for Earth, Colonel O’Neill and Major Carter discover a piece of Ancient technology that could change the future—and the past.

In this thrilling conclusion to the STARGATE SG-1 Apocalypse trilogy, SG-1 must decide how far they’ll go in the battle for Earth’s future.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Hall of the Two Truths

STARGATE SG-1: Hall of the Two Truths (SG1‑29)

by Susannah Parker Sinard

After suffering a brutal attack off-world, Colonel O’Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Major Carter and Teal’c must each navigate a treacherous path toward final judgment in the Hall of the Two Truths. On the way, they will be tested to their limits by their past mistakes, greatest fears and deepest desires...

With reality shifting around them, Colonel O’Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Major Carter and Teal’c must each navigate a treacherous path toward final judgment in the Hall of the Two Truths. On the way, they will be tested to their mental and physical limits by their past mistakes, their greatest fears and their deepest desires...

This debut novel from Susannah Parker Sinard is destined to become a favorite on many readers' bookshelves.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1 & ATLANTIS: Points of Origin

STARGATE SG-1 & ATLANTIS: Points of Origin (SGX‑03)

by Sally Malcolm (Editor)

Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: Points of Origins brings you another fantastic collection of stories from across the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies. Step through the gate with ten of our Stargate authors in our second anthology of Travelers’ Tales…

Karen Miller • Jo Graham • Laura Harper • Peter J. Evans • Amy Griswold • Suzanne Wood • Aaron Rosenberg • Geonn Cannon • T. Fox Dunham • Sally Malcolm

We hope you'll join as we step through the gate with these fine authors.

Cover: STARGATE SG-1: Exile (Book 2 in the Apocalypse series)

STARGATE SG-1: Exile (Book 2 in the Apocalypse series) (SG1‑27)

by Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper

Reeling from the shocking revelation at the end of STARGATE SG-1: Hostile Ground, Colonel O’Neill’s team continues the quest to find a way home. But as they come to terms with new circumstances, they find themselves divided.

With tensions mounting, the team undertakes a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of their new allies – and O’Neill makes a decision that will threaten the future of his team.

This is the second in the STARGATE SG-1 Apocalypse series by Sally Malcolm and Laura Harper. Readers have been hooked since the first in the series, Hostile Ground.

Cover: STARGATE ATLANTIS: Third Path (Book 8 in the Legacy series)

STARGATE ATLANTIS: Third Path (Book 8 in the Legacy series) (SGA‑23)

by Melissa Scott & Jo Graham

Colonel Shepherd’s team fight not only to save their city and free their friends, but ultimately to save an entire species from extinction. In this riveting conclusion to the epic Legacy series, the destiny of Atlantis and her people will be decided.

Third Path is a must-read for all fans of the STARGATE ATLANTIS series, as it brings to a conclusion the epic eight series story of what happens to Atlantis when it returns to the Pegasus Galaxy after the end of Season 5. To see a complete list of the Legacy books, follow this link.