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Cover: STARGATE SG-1: A Matter of Honor

STARGATE SG-1: A Matter of Honor

By Sally Malcolm

Series no: SG1-03
Pages: 240
Ebook price: $4.99
Paperback price: $16.95
Paperback ISBN: 9780954734329
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-80070-010-9

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No one gets left behind…

Five years after Major Henry Boyd and his team, SG-10, were trapped on the edge of a black hole, Colonel Jack O’Neill discovers a device that could bring them home.

But it’s owned by the Kinahhi, an advanced and paranoid people, besieged by a ruthless foe. Unwilling to share the technology, the Kinahhi are pursuing their own agenda in the negotiations with Earth’s diplomatic delegation.

Maneuvering through a maze of tyranny, terrorism and deceit, Dr Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Teal’c unravel a startling truth – a revelation that throws the team into chaos and forces O’Neill to face a nightmare he is determined to forget.

Resolved to rescue Boyd, O’Neill marches back into the hell he swore never to revisit. Only this time, he’s taking SG-1 with him…

A Matter of Honor

“Senator Kinsey has told me a lot about you and your team, Colonel.” Crawford’s voice was thin and nasal. It suited him. “I look forward to giving him a full report on your methods.”

“You haven’t written it already?”

The ambassador’s lips compressed into a humorless smile and the silence stretched taut. Daniel rubbed at a sudden knot in the back of his neck and saw Sam’s eyes flitting carefully between the two men. Like him, she smelled trouble.

Sergeant Davis broke the moment, his voice crackling over the PA system, “Chevron seven, locked.”

Jack didn’t move, holding Crawford’s gaze. Waiting. Daniel stepped back in anticipation, but Jack was barely in the safe-zone.

He always had to push it to the limit. And then, like an undersea volcano, the silver-blue event horizon mushroomed into the ‘gate room, hitting an invisible wall mere inches from Jack’s motionless head. Crawford yelped and stumbled backward in shock, his helmet flying free and clunking heavily onto the concrete floor.

“Holy crap!” he gasped, struggling for balance and composure as the wormhole sucked back in on itself and eventually came to rest, shimmering brightly inside the Stargate.

Daniel smiled; that just never got old.

Turning his back on Crawford’s alarmed face, Jack settled his weapon firmly in his hands. “Let’s go,” he barked, striding up the ramp. “Carter, with me. Daniel, Teal’c – bring the newbie. And Crawfish? Don’t forget your hat.”

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